About DIODON Drone Technology

DIODON Drone Technology offers the DIODON family for military and search and rescue missions.

Key advantages


The DIODON is resistant under extreme operating conditions


The DIODON is waterproof, therefore deployable under heavy rain or even on water


The DIODON unfolds in a few seconds and can be operated by a single person


The DIODON is easily transportable thanks to its compact and foldable inflatable structure

Modular payload

The DIODON can be fitted with a wide variety of sensors to fit your needs


Thanks to its modular components, the DIODON is easy to repair, even on the field.

The DIODON family

DIODON Drone Technology offers the DIODON family, a comprehensive range of all-terrain solutions made for difficult environments


  • Payload : EO/IR camera
  • Light and compact
  • Endurance : up to 20min
  • Weight : 1.6kg


  • Payload : EO/IR sensors on 3-axis gimbal
  • Exceptional payload to volume ratio
  • Endurance : up to 30min
  • Weight : 5kg

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