Diodon drone technology

Who are we?

Worked on since 2014, the creation of DIODON Drone Technology in Toulouse, France, was finalized in March 2017 with the will to bring technology in hard-to-reach environments.

Co-founded by Mr.Antoine TOURNET and Mr.Roman LUCIANI, two graduates from ISAE-SUPAERO, the start-up designs and manufactures all-terrain drones for applications in demanding environments.

Over the years, the company has been able to establish links with industrial and military partners in order to offer the best solutions for rough environments.

The DIODON team uses its knowledge and its know-how to meet the needs of its customers and provide an always increasing added value.


Our history


Our unique know-how

DIODON Drone Technology has developed an unique inflatable structure that allows drones to operate in difficult conditions. This technology is based on an inner tube system which, once inflated, stiffens the arms of the drone.

This gives our drones several advantages:
- Deflated, the drone can be folded to become particularly compact,
- When inflated, the structure acts as a bumper and a buoy.

DIODONs are thus easily operable in all environments.

Intended for the defence, rescue, security and industrial applications, the DIODON line is able to embark a wide range of on-the-shelf or custom-made sensors to meet needs.

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